Recycled Decoration Ideas for Living room

Just because you want to redecorate your livingroom, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money to buy new items. Actually, you can create the decoration by yourself by using recycled materials. The list below is the example of the recycled decoration ideas you can try for your DIY living room decoration project.  

curtain holder

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Curtain Holders 

If you have old cups that you don’t use anymore, you can just use it as a unique curtain holder. It is a simple DIY decoration project. What you need is the broken or old cups you don’t use anymore. You may repaint the cup if you want. If it is not, you can wash and clean them up first. Then, create a hole in the bottom of the cup. Just make sure that the curtains in your living room is able to pass the hole. When it is ready, put the far end edge of the curtain into the hole of the cup. Pull the cup to the center of the curtain and you will have a unique and out of the box curtain holder in the living room. 

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Key Chains

Key Chains

Key Chains

Another simple and unique DIY recycled decorating ideas is creating a key chain. You just need old or used wood. Cut the wood into a small square and paint it with your favorite color. Now, prepare some used forks and spoons. Bend the handle of the forks and spoons and then put it on the painted square wood. You can use wire or glue to stick the wood and fork or spoon. Hang the key chains in your living room and they are ready to use. 

DIY Chair

DIY Chair

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Do you have a lot of used wood boards at home? Don’t just stack them up in your garage or warehouse. Think something useful with those wood boards. One of the great ideas is creating chairs or sofas set from the wood boards. You can stack two or three wood boards and nail them. Just make sure that it is strong enough so the position doesn’t change. Then, install some small wheels at the bottom of the wood log. That’s it! You have a new chair from the recycled material. You can use in different sizes and it depends on the size and shape of the wood logs.

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Creating interior items for the living room is fun. You just need to collect all the recycled materials you have at home. Think about something you can create from those materials. The recycled decoration ideas above are a great example that makes your living room looks fresher.

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