Outdoor Succulent Wall Garden Ideas

Who doesn’t like succulent? I think everyone likes it. Succulents have some amazing types and colors. And the most amazing thing about succulents is that they can grow very well in various environments.

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And most importantly, succulent doesn’t need a lot of water. So, for those of you who are too busy with day-to-day work, it is very suitable gardening with this plant because these plants are very minimal for watering.

If you do not have extensive land for gardening, do not worry, because you can garden vertically. And the walls are a good idea to realize your garden.

We all know that a wall is an empty area that we all have, whether you live in a small apartment or not. So, just how do you make a container or place for Outdoor Succulent Wall Garden Ideas.

Check out some of these ideas for creating your own vertical succulent garden!

1. Vertical Wall Hangers 

Self watering planters provide enough water for days, meaning you don’t have to water frequently. These self-watering planter pots have a well designed automatic dripping system compatible with American standard taps. Water from the tap drips on the topmost row and moves down to each succeeding row to ensure all plants are adequately watered but no stagnant water remains.

2. White Ceramic Hanging Succulent Planter

White Ceramic Hanging Succulent Planter
Bring life, color & modern design to your home with this Faux Leather & White Ceramic Hanging Succulent Planter Set. Indoor or Outdoor Planter Pots that are each suspended between 2 lines of Faux Leather Rope. Includes drainage holes, which makes it Ideal for live potted plants, such as Cactus, Succulents, and Herbs, yet can also be used to hold other decorative items from around your home.

3. Round Hanging Wall 

Round Hanging Wall

Inspired by geometric shapes, this hanging wall planter by Wild Green Fingers allows for customization depending on your needs.

The metal planter has a galvanized zinc finish and is waterproof and leak free for use as an indoor planter for succulents or herbs.

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