How we find the best home insurance companies
How we find the best home insurance companies

How we find the best home insurance companies

Owning a home is a significant accomplishment and a valuable possession that should be safeguarded. The finest homes insurance companies are financially stable, have a wide range of policy options, and give good customer service. They’re also very reasonably priced for your particular situation. Use our quote tool to compare prices from several providers and determine which one provides the best coverage at the best price.

Top 8 Home Insurance Companies

  • Allstate – Best for New Home Buyers
  • Amica – Best Customer Service
  • State Farm – More Personalized Online Quote
  • Nationwide – Best Replacement Coverage
  • The Hartford – Best for Green Homes
  • Liberty Mutual – Best for inflation protection
  • Progressive – Best for Boat Owners

Compare home insurance companies

Better for
Financial Strength (AM Best)
Customer satisfaction (JD Power)
Market Share (NAIC)
New home buyers
Customer service
State Farm
Custom online quotes
Replacement coverage
The Hartford
Ecological houses
Liberty Mutual
Inflation protection
Boat owners
Military members and their families
American Family
Auto Club Group
Cincinnati Insurance

Not included in JD Power’s 2018 Homeowners Insurance Survey

Allstate Homeowners Insurance – Best for New Home Buyers

Why we choose it

Variety of online tools

When it comes to educating potential buyers on the intricacies of home insurance, Allstate stands out. The Allstate website contains a library of best-of-breed resources , from articles and videos to quizzes and infographics.

Particularly impressive is the common and expensive claims tool that allows buyers to enter their zip code to view the most common claims in their region, along with the average dollar amount for those claims. There is also a report of houses from GoodHomeAmazingly realistic, it plays a Google Street View video of your home (or potential home) listing potential hazards, and provides local hazard data, plus prevention tips.

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Tools of this type make it easy to understand the coverage areas and options that you may want to add or supplement to the policy, due to geographic or neighborhood risk.

Broad endorsements

Allstate has the second-highest number of additional approval options of all of our contenders. Those extra endorsements are low risk – insurance for expensive sports equipment, musical instruments, or landscaping. Note the absence of additional coverage options for earthquakes and theft of other properties (vehicles, trailers, boats), but the options it offers can be valuable if you have expensive hobbies or are investing a lot of money in renovating your home.

Most discounts

Allstate also offers the most discounts of all the companies on our list – 11 discounts in total. These include standard discounts, like having fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or security locks, as well as one-time offers, like one to sign up before your current policy expires. First-time customer with Allstate? You will get another price bar for the first two years with the company.

Points to consider

Average customer service

Among our favorite insurers, Allstate had the lowest customer service scores – three out of five from JD Power and 80 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. While these scores weigh you down compared to customer service powerhouses like Amica, it’s important to contextualize that their customer service has been ranked superior in this field.

Homeowners insurance is way ahead of other service industries, such as Internet service providers, so even a middle-of-the-road rating for Allstate doesn’t leave much to be desired. When we tested their customer service, Allstate courteously answered all of our questions and allowed us to end the call without having to provide our social security number.

Amica Homeowners Insurance – Best Customer Service

Why we choose it

Exceptional customer service

Amica consistently ranks among the top home operators ranked by JD Power and Consumer Reports, due to its customers’ great satisfaction with the important claims process, such as settlement, estimates, and repairs. This is possibly the most essential element of good customer service in the industry. Amica was the only one of our top vendors to receive five out of five in each category from JD Power.

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Amica also received a 94 from Consumer Reports as a reader, two points better than USAA, the gold standard in insurance. None of our other finalists came that close. With excellent scores across the board, you can expect timely and helpful interactions with Amica representatives.

Considerable discounts

Amica offers almost as many discounts as Allstate, with exclusive discounts for being a long-time customer and for opting to pay electronic bills. Essentially, by doing less (sending invoices by mail and switching providers), you will save money with Amica. However, Amica falls a bit short on discounts for new and renovated homes – you’ll want to go to Allstate for discounts on these prices.

Dividends offer money back

As a mutual company, Amica is owned by policyholders rather than investors or shareholders. This means that, as a policyholder, you could receive a dividend at the end of the term of between 5% and 20% of your annual premium (depending on Amica’s financial success during that period and the company’s income. after claims and expenses). However, dividend payments are not guaranteed. And if you select a policy that provides them, you will have slightly higher premiums.

Points to consider

Lacks online resources

When it comes to online browsing and resources, Amica’s technology feels a bit dated. Their website only details the basics of their policies and discounts. You won’t find anything like Allstate’s rich and interactive resources, or a guide on how to create your policy. Fortunately, Amica scores highly for customer service, so a quick call can give you the information you need.

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State Farm Homeowners Insurance – More Personalized Online Quotes

Why we choose it

Detailed online quote process

As with most good insurance companies, you can get a quote online from State Farm. However, the State Farm process involves very detailed questions about the construction of your home, down to the percentage of floors covered with carpet and the number of corners in your home’s frame.

We recommend having your home floor plans, your insurance history, a home inventory, and specific construction details on hand so there are no surprises when signing a policy contract. The advantage is that all these details provide you with an accurate quote and an exceptionally suitable policy.

Extensive online resources

While not as comprehensive as Allstate’s offerings, State Farm’s tools, discounts, and resources are top-notch. The Simple Insights blog provides tips for everything from fire prevention and home security strategies to shopping and homeowner tips. Many themes even feature video tutorials. State Farm writes more homeowners insurance policies than any other insurance company in the nation, which speaks to its exceptional customer retention. Keeping policyholders informed plays a very important role in the work they do.

Points to consider

Minimum discounts

State Farm offers standard discounts for installing certain protective devices in your home, such as smoke detectors and fire alarms. It also offers a one-time discount if your roof was built with impact resistant roofing products. However, you will not get any price discounts based on the construction date of your home, even if it was recently built.

State Farm also does not offer discounts for new homeowners or homeowners who have recently completed renovations, these discounts are offered by Allstate and Amica. If your home is new or recently had repairs, you might want to buy a policy with another company.

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance – Best Replacement Coverage

Why we choose it

Includes coverage of laws and ordinances

Nationwide stands out for having generous replacement coverage options. The company makes it easy to not only repair your home, but also make improvements after damage occurs. In large part, this is because it offers statutory and ordinance coverage, an option we didn’t see included with other insurers on our list.

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The coverage of the law and ordinances is a great advantage, especially for people with older homes. If you have expired systems (such as HVAC, plumbing, or electrical), this policy could help cover the cost of upgrading those systems during repairs, so they meet current safety codes, which are often required. Without the additional coverage, this could be a very expensive endeavor.

Offers “best roof” replacement

Along those same lines, we were impressed by Nationwide’s “best roof replacement” coverage. This add-on will help pay to repair your home’s roof with stronger and safer materials if it is damaged by a covered peril. First of all, that’s good because a stronger roof will hold up better in the future.

But it is also important because a better roof means cheaper home insurance rates. So if you know that the roof of your house is lifting with age, it may be worth paying a little more for a better roof, as it could save you money in the long run.

Refund the full value of the belongings

Typically, when items in your home are damaged, insurance pays only their current value, as they have depreciated since they were first purchased. That means the insurance won’t cover the full cost of replacing your damaged things. But with Nationwide’s optional “new belongings” coverage, you’ll be insured for the actual replacement value of your possessions.

Here’s how it works: After you file a claim, Nationwide will send you a check for the depreciated value of your belongings. That way, you’ll have room to help replace those things right away. Then, once you have all covered items replaced, you can send the receipts to Nationwide and they will refund the difference.

Points to consider

More expensive policies

Nationwide has a reputation for expensive policies. On the Better Business Bureau website, customer reviews reveal that Nationwide quotes tend to be more expensive than the competition. We always recommend doing a search for comparisons and quotes, but if price is your main consideration, Nationwide may not be the best option. For homeowners more interested in full and specific coverage endorsements than price, a policy is worth evaluating.

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The Hartford Homeowners Insurance – Best for Green Homes

Why we choose it

Benefits for ecological reconstruction

Hartford has a unique endorsement for green rebuilding, which is not the same as a green home discount. After a loss, The Hartford will increase your policy limits by up to 10% if you use “green and environmentally friendly materials or processes for repairs and rebuilds.”

If your home is already environmentally friendly, that means most of your claims would likely automatically qualify, as long as the repairs are environmentally friendly. But even if your home is not yet ecologically efficient, it may still qualify for the Green Rebuild benefit if you use eco-friendly materials (low VOC paint, renewable resources) or processes (environmentally friendly demolition techniques) to repairs.

Endosos de AARP

The Hartford is the only home insurance provider officially endorsed by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). If you are an AARP member, you will qualify for more benefits thanks to its AARP Home and Auto Insurance Program. But even if you haven’t retired yet, one day you will, and The Hartford has a special discount for retirees and people who work less than 24 hours a week.

Points to consider

Less additional discounts

Of all our top picks, The Hartford has the fewest discounts – three of them, to be precise, to bundle policies, home security devices, and retirees. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will pay more for your home insurance. Just because a business offers 12 discounts doesn’t mean you qualify for all (or any) of them, so it’s always worth comparing the quotes rather than just counting the discounts.

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Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance – Best for Inflation Protection

Why we choose it

Offers protection against inflation

Liberty Mutual has a decent selection of endorsements, from scheduled personal property to coverage for your home business, this is an add-on that stood out especially to us. Liberty Mutual is one of the few providers that offers inflation protection for homeowners.

With this add-on, the company will automatically adjust your coverage limits each year to keep up with inflation. That means if your home ever needs repairs, you won’t have to worry about higher cost of construction materials and labor that exceed your coverage.

Please note: Liberty Mutual coverage options vary by state. Talk to a local agent to see what home insurance options are available where you reside.

Lots of discount opportunities

If you find yourself looking for negotiations, Liberty Mutual may be a good place to look for homeowners insurance. It offers a long list of discounts, including leading companies like State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide, which include some hard-to-find options that we like to offer for the benefit of their customers.

For example, Liberty Mutual is one of two companies on our list, along with Hartford, that will give you a good price if you insure your home for 100% of its value. Other exclusive discounts include savings for new homes, homes with new roofs, first-time insurance buyers, and customers setting up automatic payment or online payment.

Points to consider

The claims process is not the best

Along with State Farm, Liberty Mutual has one of the lowest Consumer Reports reader scores on this list. Those numbers revolve around the company’s claims system: how quickly agents respond, how simple the process is, how timely and fair the payments are. And while Liberty Mutual’s score is not bad, but “very good” across the board, it doesn’t compare at all to the “excellent” scores offered by our other picks. It’s worth considering if you live in a disaster-prone area like the East Coast, where the probability of filing a claim is high and it’s important to choose a provider that makes it as painless as possible.

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Progressive Homeowners Insurance – Best for Boat Owners

Why we choose it

Awesome customer service

Customers say that Progressive offers reasonable prices and helpful representatives. Our own experiences with Progressive were reinforced by their online quote tool, as it is so well designed. Like many insurance companies, Progressive relies on third-party underwriters, and most of those that do automatically link you to a single underwriter to generate a quote.

Progressive provides quotes from several of its underwriting partners and lets you choose the one that suits you best. This gives you the power to prioritize coverage and price.

Extended endorsements

Progressive offers a unique Inflation Guard endorsement that will dynamically adjust coverage amounts to keep up with inflation, so the money you’ll need for repairs will be plenty, even as market construction costs rise. The coverage they offer extends to cover things like pools, sheds, and fences at no additional cost. Progressive also offers a boat endorsement that allows you to extend personal liability and medical coverage to small sailboats and motor boats.

Points to consider

Multiple subscribers

Progressive’s service varies greatly by state. As the company explains, “Insurance through the Progressive Home Advantage program is underwritten by select companies that are not affiliated with Progressive and are solely responsible for claims, including Homesite Group Incorporated, IDS Property Casualty Co. and ASI Lloyds and their affiliates.

” Basically, Progressive is not selling its own homeowners insurance, but has partnered with another company (the one that will pay the claim) to offer that insurance to its clients. If you are already a progressive customer, you don’t need to deviate. However, if you are considering opening a policy with Progressive, keep in mind that your coverage and discount options will vary by state.

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