Favorite Living Room Interior Designs of All Time

A living room is the first place to greet guests. It makes the interior design in a living room becomes the representation of the entire house. So, there is nothing wrong if you pay more attention to the living room interior design at your house. When it comes to the interior designs of a living room, there are a lot of designs today. But here are the favorite living room interior designs of all time that can be your inspiration.

Minimalist livingroom


For modern design lovers who do not want to get confused in deciding which interior design that is suitable for your living room, the minimalist interior design is a safe option. The use of basic colors and minimalist living room furniture never fails to make the entire living room looks modern, clean, simple, and stylish.

Lighting Industrial Vintage

Lighting Industrial Vintage


The industrial interior design is getting popular for the past few years. Some people even apply this interior design to their living rooms. Exposed materials and the use of industrial ornaments and elements are one of the characteristics of the industrial design. This interior design looks cold and stiff. So that for you who want to bring a warmer atmosphere to your industrial living room, you can add wood materials and natural elements. For example, you can choose wooden floors.

Industrial Nesting Coffee Table

Industrial Nesting Coffee Table


Vintage interior design is suitable for you who wish to have a warm and homey living room at your house. The characteristics of vintage design are the use of old-fashioned furniture and the application of pastel colors. Combining this interior design with natural materials, such as a bamboo chair with an open concept will be a perfect idea to create a super cozy living room.

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Short Round Coffee Table

Short Round Coffee Table


For you who want to have a neat and clean living room without losing the aesthetic value, the Scandinavian interior design can be your choice. With the dominating monochrome colors and minimalist Scandinavian-styled furniture, this interior design will make your living room looks clean, neat, yet decorative. You are able to combine Scandinavian interior design with modern artistic interior design in order to give an artsy touch to your living room without ruining the Scandinavian style.

Industrial Nightstand

Industrial Nightstand


This living room interior design is a perfect option for you who want to bring a warm and natural atmosphere, but still looks different and unique. The use of exposed rustic material such as wooden floors is one of the characteristics of this design.

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