Explain What Homeowners Insurance Covers

Explain What Homeowners Insurance Covers

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or renter, it is recommended to have home insurance. But before opting for one or the other, it is important to be clear about what each type of insurance covers.

First of all, compliance with civil liability is essential, which is mainly related to the continent of the house (the structure of the house). This policy is usually taken out by landlords and landlords more frequently than renters, as the latter tend to prefer coverage related to content. We refer, broadly, to the objects found inside the house.

In any case, those who own or make use of a home can opt for a product to financially secure everything related to it. It is about home insurance. However, you should know that not all home insurance is the same. Depending on the budget that you want to allocate to the different services that this product offers you, you will be able to enjoy some coverage or others .

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The different types of home insurance

There are different modalities, from the most basic to the most complete. A basic home insurance usually includes civil liability, legal defense and home assistance for glassware or electricity repair, among others. On the other hand, comprehensive home insurance includes material damage that can occur in the home and furniture, as well as theft that can occur both inside and outside the home.

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Here’s how they differ.

What does basic home insurance cover?

The damages that usually cover almost all the companies are those caused by fire, smoke, explosion, leaks or meteorological phenomena . Keep in mind that other coverages can be added as complementary.

Continent damage

These are the flaws or damages that occur on the surface, ceilings, windows, water installations, etc. of the house. Keep in mind that each company establishes in the conditions of its policy , the type of claims that it includes or excludes from it.

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Content damage

This coverage is responsible for covering the repair or replacement of all movable property, theft of jewelry or money, etc. fraudulent use of cards, theft, loss of keys, refrigerated goods. In general, insurance companies do not compensate for the value of new or replacement of damaged content, but insure it for its real value, but discounting the depreciation suffered by the passage of time or use.

Civil liability

The most advisable thing is to choose an insurance that has a civil liability coverage of at least € 30,000.

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Legal defense

In this case, the legal defense section is used to claim the damages caused to your assets. It also includes criminal defense, rights as a landlord or tenant, etc.

The most complete coverage of other home insurance cover

Home insurance can be as comprehensive as you want. There are multi-risk policies that include more coverage than others. These are some that might interest you:

Outdoor goods

It is an interesting coverage, especially for the owners of houses or chalets. It is important to ensure that our policy includes coverage for these outdoor items both in the event of theft and in the case of damage caused by atmospheric phenomena.

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Robbery on the street

More and more insurers offer this type of coverage for robbery with intimidation or violence on the street.

Replacement of locks and keys

In case of robbery, theft, damage to the lock or loss of keys. There are even insurers that cover the urgent assistance of a locksmith.

Mobile phone

This is another type of supplemental coverage that is included in some home policies. It is about repairing the screen of your mobile phone at no cost.

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Furniture assembly

Who has not gone crazy trying to assemble a recently bought piece of furniture. Now some insurers include furniture assembly service in their policies.

Cyberbullying minors

Unfortunately, there are more and more cases of minors being harassed by the Internet. For this reason, some insurance companies have decided to include a protection service against violence and digital harassment in their home policies.

As you can see, home insurance is much more than just material protection. It’s also about ensuring the safety of your family and their assets. For this reason, we recommend that you compare between several policies before deciding on one.

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